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My UK doctors admitted that winning the election would be a therapy- Bamidele Opeyemi

The Director-General of the Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, Opeyemi Bamidele, revealed in a recent interview that while on his hospital bed in the UK, the doctor said that winning the election would be a therapy.

According to Bamidele, The electorate will consider the character of candidates rather than political parties’ popularity to cast their votes in 2019.

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The inauguration of his principal as governor is scheduled for Tuesday, when asked in an interview about his thoughts, considering the events that led to his being shot and hospitalised, Bamidele replied that “to begin with, I thank God for his mercy which is new every morning in my life.

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“The 16th of October, 2018 is one day that we had all looked forward to. This was a day which, at some point, looked like it wasn’t going to come; but we choose to work by faith, not by sight. If we were to walk by sight, we would have abandoned that struggle at some point because of all the circumstances we had to operate in but the to glory of God, we survived it.

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“And it’s not so much about us; it is more about the people of Ekiti State. Those of you who know Dr. Kayode Fayemi knows that he is one person who feels so passionate about the plight of our people and development. He is someone who understands the language of development. Ekiti State is retrogressing rather than progressing in the last four years but we are happy that by God’s intervention and the resolve of the people of the state, that is coming to an end. For us, October 16th, 2018 is going to mark a new beginning in our own perspective of what ought to be done.”

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“Ekiti State has the potential that could be harnessed and become a great state. It will be a new beginning for those who have carried in their heads the hope of a massive transformation that will help us to build a new and united Ekiti. In terms of manpower, there is no deficit whatsoever and Dr. Fayemi understands that very well and by the grace of God, he will be surrounded by people who also feel as much as possible that we all need to work together to make a difference.” he added.

He also addressed the issue of vote buying during the previous election, “I was on my hospital bed in London while the election was going on but I participated as if I were on the ground in terms of calling virtually everyone and it was one day that even my doctors agreed that I should just be left alone to do whatever would help because then, they had come to a conclusion that winning that election could be a form of therapy for me. So, I was in touch with virtually everyone I needed to be in touch with and I knew it was one election that Ekiti people had looked forward to”.

He further added that “Vote buying is still an aspect of our electoral process that we still need to work towards defeating. I know and I can tell you that we never sat anywhere to even discuss vote buying as a strategy for winning that election. Then, there would be the question of who was buying votes from whom? Definitely, the Peoples Democratic Party paid a lot of money to get a vote, because we have evidence to show.”

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”If that happened and we have evidence to show that, then, I will not be in a position to stand here to tell you that there wasn’t anything like vote buying”. Bamidele concluded.

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