September 21, 2019


Had this Xenophobia crisis reared it’s ugly head in the regime of the Nigerian Strongman, General Sani Abacha, it wouldn’t last for 30minutes, because the General would’ve dealt South Africa a deadly blow.

The Ambassador to South Africa In Nigeria Would Have been deported back to South Africa,
MTN network wouldn’t be available in Nigeria again.
DSTV Signal Would Have Been Jammed
All Shoprite branches in Nigeria would have been shut down.
The Nigeria Ambassador In South Africa Would Have Been Recalled.

About 20-40 Cargo Planes ✈ Would Have Been Sent To South Africa To Bring Nigerians Home
Nigeria Naval War Ships 🚢 Would Have Been Sailing To South Africa 🇿🇦
Donald Trump Would Have Called Abacha To Plead For Peace
France & Germany Would Have Sent Delegations To Beg Abacha
Over 2,000 Xenophobia Attackers Would Have Been Arrested By South African Police, And Videos Shown To Make Abacha Calm Down….
Though he was tagged a Tyrant, he would have been better suited to handle the Xenophobic attacks on our Sons and Daughters in south africa
O how I Wish This Happened When The People’s General Was Still Head Of State….Then South Africa would have been shaken to it’s roots and they would have discovered the hard way, The Worth Of Nigeria 🇳🇬

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