September 21, 2019

IPOB Loyalists offer prayers to God ahead of Nnamdi KANU’s Meeting With E.U

As received

let us pray for our DIRECTOR MAZI NNAMDI KANU, ahead of EU AND UN meeting this month, please pray this prayer points for our Director NNAMDI KANU,

,, pray and return all the evil arrows they may fire against our leader back to sender,

,,,pray for journey mercies for our leader he will go and come back safely the moon and sun shall not hurt him but obey him,

,,,,,pray for chukwuokike abioma to shower our leader with fresh wisdom and boldness to address the congregation without fear and trembling ,

,,,, pray to GOD to force EU AND UN to support biafra restoration by fire by force cause before the days of john the baptise the kingdom of GOD suffered violence and the violent taketh it by force,

,,,,, pray that our leader will not return from EU AND UN empty handed

,,, take this prayer point again pray to GOD to endown our leader with with supernatural wisdom that is more that solomonic wisdom,

,,, pray that at the mention of biafra before the EU AND UN, our enemies shall tumble , fumble, rumble and crumble in shambles,

,,, pray and silence any evil mouth that may rise against biafra restoration let such mouth be destroyed by holy ghost thunder,,,

,,,,pray that during the meeting with the EU AND UN ,that enemies of biafra will become daft and dumb

,,,,pray to GOD , to restore biafra before 2020 comes to an end

,,,,, pray that our leader will get support from world leaders in EU AND UN more that we and him expected,

,,,, pray that before our leader will mount the EU AND UN podium GOD will swallow him and vomit fire and in that podium GOD will appear while our leader disappears , that chukwuokike will take control of our leader,

,,,,,pray that anywhere they gather against our leader , biafra and ipob let them scatter by holy ghost fire,

,,,,,,pray that anywhere there are sacrifices made to demons to make sure biafra will not restored let them be like a wax before that fire and let them be like dust before the heavy wind,

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